Odot::CellRendererText's edited signal ... same as previous post re: CellRendererCombo

As promised ( or threatened ), here is a slight modification of my previous script that demonstrates the same issue as before ( cell's edited signal not firing ), but this time with a custom CellRendererText that I grabbed from Odot.

As before, run the script, edit the text in the first cell ( a stock-standard CellRendererText ), and then immediately after editing ( and before hitting 'Enter' ), click the 'dump values' button. Note the values are correct.

Now try the same thing with the 2nd cell, which is an Odot::CellRendererText. As with my previous post, the 'edited' signal doesn't fire before I hit the 'dump values' button.

Same goes for the 3rd cell, which is the CellRendererCombo from the previous example.

I've submitted a bug at http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=317387 for the CellRendererCombo issue, as I'm pretty sure by now that it's an issue with gtk+ and not the bindings ... since CellRendererCombo is now a gtk+ feature. I'm not sure about the issues with Odot::CellRendererText though.

Any ideas?

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