CellRendererCombo's edited signal not firing when it should?


I've finally gotten around to writing a small example script that demonstrates one of the problems I'm having with data entry in a treeview.

Both the text cells behave as expected - you can enter data in the cell, and then *immediately* click the 'dump values' button. When you do this, the renderer's 'edited' signal fires before the 'dump values' button's signal fires, and the values dumped are correct.

When you use the mouse to select an option in the 3rd column with the CellRendererCombo, the 'edited' signal *only* fires if you hit the Enter key, or click outside the combo, but *inside* the treeview. If you select an item, and then *immediately* hit the 'dump values' button ( which is outside the treeview ), the renderer's 'edited' signal never fires ... at all.

I also have a similar problem with a custom CellRendererText, but I'm hoping this is just a different expression of the same problem. If not, I'll post that too ... later :)

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