Announcing Gtk2::Ex::DBITableFilter


Here it comes ! Gtk2::Ex::DBITableFilter - A high level widget to
present large amounts of data fetched using DBI. Also provides data
filtering capabilities.

May be you are dealing with tons of relational data, safely tucked
away in an RDBMS, accessible using DBI, and may be (just may be) you
would like to view them in a Gtk2 widget. The ideal widget (in most
cases) is the Gtk2::TreeView or its younger cousin, the

But then you start worrying about questions like,

- How do I prevent the UI from hanging while reading all the data ?
- How do I present all the data in the TreeView without causing it to explode ?

Gtk2::Ex::DBITableFilter comes to rescue !!

Gtk2::Ex::DBITableFilter is a higher level widget built using
Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List to achieve the following.

1. Ensure that arbitrary SQLs can be executed to fetch the data.

2. Ensure that UI does not hang while SQL is being executed.

3. Provide some kind of paging functionality. Do not display all
fetched data in one shot, instead spread it into multiple pages with
buttons to navigate between pages. (Your web-apps always do this)

4. Provide some kind of data filtering capability. (Spreadsheets for
example allow the user to filter the data by column using a dropdown

Now available from CPAN

Also available in CVS

Couple of screenshots at

More functionality to be added in the near futre.

Patches / Feedback are welcome.



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