Re: Gtk2::Ex::PopupWindow

On 9/12/05, Lee Aylward <lee laylward com> wrote:
The changes you mentioned sound fine to me. If you need me to commit
them, send over a patch.

I did not receive any reply from _leedo for the previous email. I guess
we are having trouble writing to each other outside the list. Sorry
about having to write to the whole list.

I am attaching the new version of Gtk2::Ex::PopupWindow with my patch included.
Two examples are attached. I have added a new method
C<set_move_with_parent(?boolean)>. Also fixed Makefile.PL and others
and made it CPAN ready. (no POD yet)

If you are okay with these changes please go ahead and commit it. Like
I mentioned before, I do have commit access and therefore I can commit
it if you think that is better. I do have sufficient interest in this
module and I am willing to maintain it.



Attachment: Gtk2-Ex-PopupWindow-0.02.tar.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

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