Re: Gtk2::Ex::PopupWindow

ofey aikon wrote:

The module is not yet released into CPAN. Also, there is no license
attached to the code in CVS. The author is leedo_ and has not yet
responded to my private email regarding this.

I did attempt to respond to your email, I guess it got lost somewhere along
the way. I'm replying on the list, so hopefully that won't happen again.
The changes you mentioned sound fine to me. If you need me to commit
them, send over a patch.
If the author is listening, please respond to me.  If not, then this
is really a question on the norm in this group on how to go about
taking over an orphaned module. Particularly since there is no license
/ copyright attached to it. I would like to release the patched module
under LGPL and make it available through CPAN.
Feel free to release the module on CPAN as LGPL, though I did already
register the namespace on CPAN. I just haven't had enough time to put
everything together.

Let me know if you need anything else regarding the module.

Lee Aylward

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