I would like to patch the Gtk2::Ex::PopupWindow in cvs (gtk2-perl-ex)
to add the following functionality.

- Make the popup window 'move' with the widget if the main window is
moved or resized.
- Allow the programmer to specify decoration / style etc instead of hard coding.

The module is not yet released into CPAN. Also, there is no license
attached to the code in CVS. The author is leedo_ and has not yet
responded to my private email regarding this.

If the author is listening, please respond to me.  If not, then this
is really a question on the norm in this group on how to go about
taking over an orphaned module. Particularly since there is no license
/ copyright attached to it. I would like to release the patched module
under LGPL and make it available through CPAN.



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