Re: GStreamer 0.01

Good night!

And again seeking!

Oh I never thought it could be _so_ difficult. Well, the first test was
quick'n dirty. Well a little to quick. A closer inspection showed, that
doesn't work as expected:

$volume->seek(["time", "method-set", "flag-flush"], 1000000000);

Jumps - as expected - to second 1.

$volume->seek(["time", "method-set", "flag-flush"], 10000000000);

Here I would have expected a jump to second 10, but got 5. Could there
be a type problem?

Well - it seams so. A little bit qalculating later, I think it wasn't a
5 but more a 4:

2^32 = 4,29E9

I think a 64 Bit Type seems to be much more appropriate. Could somethink
similar hit the Tag(duration) Issue mentioned before?


Matthias Bläsing
ICQ: 84617206   AIM: linuxfun81   MSN: linuxfun hotmail com
"Diejenigen, die nicht schockiert sind, wenn sie zum ersten mal mit
Quantenmechanik zu tun haben, haben sie nicht verstanden." (Niels Bohr)

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