Re: CellRendererCombo

muppet wrote:

Is the renderer supposed to automatically select the right row by
comparing the value in the treestore's model with the value in the
combo's model, or am I supposed to write something that does that? I'm a
little lost at the moment.

No.  Until the user starts editing the cell, a CellRendererCombo is no
different from a CellRendererText.  To choose the text to display in
the cell, set the "text" property.  The additional functionality of
CellRendererCombo isn't even enabled unless you set "editable" =>
TRUE, and then the model only gives you a list of things from which to

Thanks muppet :)
I've worked your example into Gtk2::Ex::Datasheet::DBI. I'm a little
unsure if I've gone about it the right way, but it has the overall
effect I'm after.
Your help is very much appreciated.


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