Re: Programmatically popup a tooltip

This doesn't seem very satisfactory, but despite a
good amount of searching I can't see how widgets and tooltips
interface with each other, so there seems not to be any easier

I tried a ugly hack like this...

my $TOOLTIP = Gtk2::Window->new('toplevel');
$TOOLTIP->set_type_hint('GDK_WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_DOCK'); # I don't if
this is the best hint
$TOOLTIP->add(Gtk2::Label->new('hello world'));
$TOOLTIP->set_default_size(100, 10);
$TOOLTIP->modify_bg ('normal', Gtk2::Gdk::Color->parse('yellow'));

my $image = Gtk2::Image->new_from_pixbuf (loaded from a png....)
my $ebox = Gtk2::EventBox->new;
$ebox->add ($image);
$ebox->add_events (['pointer-motion-mask', 'pointer-motion-hint-mask']);
$ebox->signal_connect ('motion-notify-event' => 
        sub {
                my ($widget, $event) = @_;
                my ($x, $y) = ($event->x, $event->y);
                if ($x > 10 && $x < 100 && $y > 10 && $y < 100) {
                } else {

Two things that I absolutely hate about this are.

1. I don't like the location where the pop-up shows up. ('mouse') . I
wish that could be better.

2. Since this is another window altogether, it'll show up on my win32
taskbar (I guess same for other OS too). That's ugly for such an
insignificant tooltip popup window :)



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