SimpleList or ListStore?

I've been looking at the gtk-demo application, and noticed that the
ListStore demo has the text:

' ... it would be nice to have a nice ODBC interface to bugzilla ...'

This has me thinking: is there any reason why I'd use a ListStore
instead of a SimpleList for my attempt at Gtk2::Ex::Datasheet::DBI?
Speed would be one reason I'd switch. Should I expect better performance
from using a ListStore directly? Is there any other reason I'd want to
use a ListStore? I've been happy with SimpleList so far for my database
apps that need a datasheet-type widget, but I admittedly haven't done
many of them. I also have done 2 TreeStores, so I at least know I'm
capable of it more than SimpleList :)

Any thoughts before I get too far into a SimpleList implementation?


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