ANN: Gtk2::Ex::DBI-0.9

Version 0.9 of Gtk2::Ex::DBI is out.

Gtk2::Ex::DBI is an open-source helper object that makes your Gtk2-Perl
apps data aware. It handles querying, 'painting' records on your
Glade-generated form, passing updates back to the database server,
inserting, deleting, and much more. Roll your own MS Access.

You can get it via cpan or from

Changes in this release:

- Add checks to get rid of ( some ) warnings about 'Use of uninitialized
value' in various places

- Moved set_active_iter_for_broken_combo_box to run on 'changed' signal
of combo's child instead of 'focus_out_event'

- Removed $widget->get_child->set_text("") from
set_active_iter_for_broken_combo_box ... WTF was that for?

- Fixed a bug in 'delete' method that was deleting the wrong record from
the *in-memory* recordset ( DB data was OK )

- Add insertion marker to primary key of *in-memory* recordset if there
are no records ( otherwise users must first insert() before entering data )

- Updated TODO

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