Re: Resize Pixbuf

* Timo Schneider <timo schneider s2004 tu-chemnitz de> [2005-05-11 19:55]:
I tried it with using the size_allocate signal, but this
creates infinite loops because
$image->set_from_pixbuf($pixbuf), which is called from my
signal handler, itself emits an size_allocate signal. 

Block the signal handler. When you connect a signal handler, you
get a numeric ID for that connection. Pass this to
->signal_handler_block() before calling the function that causes
the signal, then pass it to ->signal_handler_unblock().

What Iâm not sure about is the exact mechanics of this; does one
need to make sure all emitted signals have been processed before
reconnecting, or is it enough to just block it during the call
which emits the problematic signal? Someone from the team will
need to shed light.

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