Fwd: submenu items activate signals...


i have a problem with creating a submenus, because the signals somehow don't get connected / nothing 

here's an excerpt:

   my $form = &get_form;    
   my $menu = new Gtk2::Menu;

        my $cols = new Gtk2::Menu;
        my $columns = Gtk2::MenuItem->new(gettext("Column"));
        my %columns = (...
        while (my ($name, $callback) = each (%columns)) {
                my $menu_item = Gtk2::MenuItem->new($name);
                $menu_item->signal_connect('activate', $callback);
        my $setup = Gtk2::MenuItem->new('Configure');
                $setup->signal_connect('activate' => \&setup_progs);


# show everything       


there is no error, but no effect either...

regards, bostjan

igzebedze - he who speaks loud and say nothing

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