Re: new software Gtk2::GIS

Jörn Reder said:
Ari Jolma wrote:

I've just uploaded to sourceforge a set of new versions of my libral,
Geo::Raster and of Gtk2::GIS which is a new Perl module. Gtk2::GIS is a
simple, but hopefully powerful, GIS which builds on Perl/Gtk2, a new
Gtk2 widget for displaying rasters (subclassed from ScrollableWindow),

Sounds interesting. But what about renaming your module to
Gtk2::Ex::GIS? By convention Perl only Gtk2 extensions should reside in
the Gtk2::Ex:: namespace, not straight under Gtk2::, which is reserved
for the Gtk2 bindings themself. (To prevent such namespace issues it's
always recommended to announce a new module and request a namespace on
the list before releasing it ;)

Gtk2::Ex started out as a name space for perl only modules, but after further
thought and discussion it made sense that anything that's not part of the core
gtk+ package should be bound there. so whether it's perl-only, perl-xs, or
perl-xs-c it goes in Gtk2::Ex if it's not in gtk+.


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