Re: widget for directory view

On 7/24/05, A. Pagaltzis <pagaltzis gmx de> wrote:
* Gábor Szabó <szabgab gmail com> [2005-07-24 09:45]:
I would like to have that nice directory browser that has small
squares with + signs when the item is expandable and - when it
is expanded.

Which widget should I use ?

That's a TreeView. How exactly it looks, whether it uses the
customary triangle expanders or +/- squares, is not up to you,

yeah, as I just ran the demo on windows today for the first time
I noticed that it uses the [+] stuff there.

Now my main question is how do I code it if I cannot read the whole 
directory tree into memory at once.
I'd like to have expanding mark [+] or whatever I get on every directory
that has subdirectories. So when I show the first directory list I need to read
the next level as well but I cannot read more. (it might be very deep
and reading
each directory takes a long time, it is over the net)

So I read twop levels. Now when the user expands one of the entries I
need to go to all of its subdirectories read them and somehow add them to
the tree. Is there an example of such code ?
Is my approach good?


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