Re: Cygwin and the Gtk2 cpan perl module

Michael Giambalvo said:
It seems to be having problems finding libaries... I am getting alot of
udefined references to
'_gperl_'* functions...

I've been having the same problem.  Whether I try to build the source
from or whether I try to install
Gtk2 via CPAN, it always fails linking Gtk2.dll.

Here's the last bit of the failed link command to give you an idea:

The key pieces of information you need are

a) win32's stupid linker needs all symbols resolved at link time and is
   complaining because it doesn't know where these are.
b) these symbols are provided by the Glib.dll built and installed by
   the Glib perl module.
c) in an actual runtime instance, Glib.dll will be loaded by the pm
   that triggers loading the Gtk2.dll, so there's no problem on other
d) you "merely" need to find Glib.dll, wherever it has been installed
   in your perl library, and add it to the link command in

I know how this was done for the native win32 builds, but i have never messed
with building gtk2-perl with cygwin's perl, so i cannot help you there.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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