Re: Mixed pixbuf and text

* Grant McLean <grant mclean net nz> [2005-07-01 11:05]:
Sure, we can call main_iteration before calling execute and we
can call it again after execute returns, but if execute takes 2
minutes to return then out GUI will be unresponsive for 2

Or am I missing something?

Yes, sorry, I was a bit quick with the trigger there.

It was the âI donât know if I could do this with
Gtk->main_iterationâ that set me off. The original poster said he
was adding rows to the tree as they came in, and I read this to
mean that the individual rows come in quickly, it just takes a
while for the entire scan to finish, in which case yes, manually
polling the event queue every once in a while is enough to keep
the program perfectly responsive.

Of course if there actually is an uninterruptible call somewhere
youâll need a separate thread of execution to keep the GUI
responsive, and I should have qualified my response that way.

âIf you canât laugh at yourself, you donât take life seriously enough.â

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