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Beast wrote:

muppet wrote:

Can't do it with SimpleList, but you can with TreeView.  Just pack 
two cell renderers into one column.  That means you have to do a bit 
more work, stuff that the convenience APIs normally do for you.

Thanks scott.

Another question, supose I have SimpleList which display 10 rows and
it should be populated by querying some data source. Results can be
more than 900 rows and unfortunately it can take more than 2 minutes
to finished.

Is there any way to 'flush' the buffer and display the results
immediately (as long as users scroll the window) without waiting query
to finished so the user get the impression that program is fast?

I don't think you can do this, but it depends on your data source.

When you issue a query to a database server, it doesn't return the
results in bits and pieces; it completes the query, and then gives you
everything at once.

You can *try* to make the initials results return faster by issuing a
series of queries with limit clauses, but I don't think this will make
things noticably faster ... in fact it might make things slower. I would
depend on whether the time is being taken up in actually fetching the
data, or in processing it. If the time is taken in processing, then you
should try using limit clauses. Otherwise if the time is taken in
fetching, then adding limit clauses probably won't help that much. Maybe
you need indexes?

What sort of data source are you querying anyway? 2 minutes is a long
time. Of course I'm still assuming you're using a database server.

If you're getting your results from something other than a database
server ... something that *does* give you results as soon as they're
available instead of waiting until the end, then you can do what you
want by simply adding the rows to the treemodel as they become available.

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