Re: Installing ExtUtils:::PkgConfig on windows

On Jan 23, 2005, at 2:37 AM, ofey aikon wrote:

And the script just hangs after that. Is this an issue with my environment or something to do with
the ExtUtils-PkgConfig ?

There's a problem with the Makefile.PLs of the current releases of ExtUtils::PkgConfig and ExtUtils::Depends on win32.

There is a patch and new release in the works, but until then, just remove the entire "postamble" section from Makefile.PL and it should work fine.

The actual problem is that these Makefile.PLs include the unix-only rpm building code unconditionally, rather than disabling it on win32. This code includes a backtick invocation of the date command, which is interactive on win32 -- it's waiting for you to enter the date, rather than just spitting out the date.

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