Re: How to scroll in a ScrolledWindow without clicking on Scrollbar

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On Jan 16, 2005, at 5:55 PM, Thebert Sebastien

I would like to make an application where a group
of buttons scolls to 
the next one when I reach the last visible button
in the Scrolled 
I thought it was easy to do that but I didn't find
any explanation or 
sample on how to do that...

The scrolled window uses two Gtk2::Adjustments
(vadjument and 
hadjustment) for its scrollbars.  Just grab the
relevant adjustment, 
give it a new value, and the window will scroll

The problem is that I only use Keyboard to navigate
between my buttons, and It doesn't seem to raise any
events when I go to the next button (no 'enter' or
'leave' events is raised...)

Any idea ?


Sebastien Thebert
08 71 76 47 10
06 07 34 41 35


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