Re: Getting latest version of Gtk+ / Gtk2 for Windows

muppet wrote:

Arnold Putz has ActiveState PPMs of Glib and Gtk2 for 1.043 and 1.060.

Works like a charm (almost ;-)

Here's what I had to do to get Gtk2-perl on WinXP running:
- Install ActiveState Perl
- Install gtk2+ using the installer from
- Install the 1.060 .tar.gz and .ppd from
  ppm install <PATH|URL>/Glib-1.060.ppd
  ppm install <PATH|URL>/Gtk2-1.060.ppd
- Find MSVCR71.DLL on your system (should be at several places)
  and copy it to the directory where Glib.dll lives,
  C:\Perl\site\lib\auto\Glib on my system

The last step was necessary, because otherwise WinXP was complaining about this DLL.

Anyway, great, now I can hack together some GUI apps on Windows without learning any ugly Win32 API. ;-)


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