Re: Getting latest version of Gtk+ / Gtk2 for Windows

On Jan 6, 2005, at 5:19 PM, Tyler Hepworth wrote:

I am using Wayne Keenan's binary distribution of Gtk+ 2.2.4 and Gtk2
1.020 on Windows..  I would like to update to the latest versions of
each.  Is anyone aware of a more recent binary?  If not, can someone
provide a basic framework for building from source on Windows?

Wayne's stuff is from about this time last year --- for 1.02x, that is, *before* our We-Swear-We-Won't-Break-API-Ever promise (which was with 1.040).

Arnold Putz has ActiveState PPMs of Glib and Gtk2 for 1.043 and 1.060.

Instructions here:

Yaakov Selkowitz's cygwin-ports project maintains gtk2-perl binaries that work with cygwin's X.

I would swear i linked to Arnold's and Yaakov's stuff from the gtk2-perl website ages ago... but it appears i was on crack, as the faq mentioned only wayne's stuff. I just updated it:

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