Re: Gtk2::Ex::Sheet 0.01 (ALPHA)

Hi, thanks again for helping me getting GTK-Perl running on my box.

Since you are playing with spreadsheets, I thought you'd like to know I wrote 
a spreadsheet last year (Chrismas project as every year). It's an engine so 
it has no interface. I wrote a little example with Prima but nothing serious. 
The module is pure perl and the functions are pure perl too. It's kind of 
cool. Some stuff is still missing but much can be done already. The module is 
rather well documented.Let me know if I can help.

Cheers, Nadim.

On Wednesday 16 February 2005 06:23, muppet wrote:

This module provides a spreadsheet-like widget for Gtk2-Perl programs.

The GtkExtra project at contains several useful
widgets for advanced gtk+ programs.  However, the gtk+-2.0 port of the
library has apparently never been released from CVS.  This module
provides GtkExtra's GtkSheet widget, by including the C source for that
widget directly from GtkExtra CVS.

To build this module from source you need:

   ExtUtils::Depends >= 0.2
   Glib >= 1.06
   Gtk2 >= 1.06

The current status is very alpha; i did it just to see if i could, and
to see how useful the widget is.  The widget works and the tests pass,
but not all features are guaranteed to be bound, and the full example
is not completely ported from C to Perl yet.  The widget itself is a
gtk+ 2.x port of the gtk+ 1.x-era widget from GtkExtra, and as such
doesn't follow some of the conventions of modern gtk+ widgets
(inconsistent naming for accessors, uses some struct members directly
rather than using accessors, no object properties, etc).  I'm
considering modernizing some bits of it and contributing it to the
Gtk2-Perl-Ex project if there's enough interest.

This stuff is LGPL.  Enjoy.

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