Re: Using Gtk2::Helper->add_watch() or Glib::IO->add_watch

    use Gtk2 '-init', '-threads-init';

Note, however, that i have not personally played with this thread-
safety stuff to any degree, so YMMV.

Hmmm... I tried the following script on two environments

Windows XP:
Glib 1.060
Gtk2 1.060
Glib built for 2.4.2, running with 2.6.1
Gtk2 built for 2.4.9, running with 2.6.1

Glib 1.082
Gtk2 1.082
Glib built for 2.6.4, running with 2.6.4
Gtk2 built for 2.6.4, running with 2.6.4

# ---------------- #
use strict;
use warnings;
use Gtk2 '-init', '-threads-init';
my $window   = Gtk2::Window->new;
$window->set_default_size( 400, 300 );
# ---------------- #

On debian, things work just fine. I see a window pop up and the whole
world is in order.

On win32, things are not quite so good. A window pops up but it seems
to be stuck in a loop. I see the hour-glass and the ui is not

Is this another win32 quirk or is the version difference causing
misbehaviour ? Any ideas ?

Another thing I noticed is that the script that I sent out with the
previous email (without the  -threads-init) works fine on both win32
and debian.  But that may be just a case of "programming by
coincidence" ;)


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