Re: Using PAR with gtk2 on MS Windows

Am Mittwoch 27 April 2005 02:25 schrieb muppet:
On Apr 26, 2005, at 6:09 PM, Stephan Brunner wrote:

[Pack gtk2-perl app and gtk+ into self-contained .exe for MS Windows]

Is there any way to include those libraries within the PAR-created
so that I can just take it, drop it into another Windows machine and
run it?
Has anybody on the list ever tried to do that (and, hopefully,

I know that people have attempted to use PAR on gtk2-perl programs
before, with frustrating results.

Well, yes, I am a bit frustrated, too... It seemed to be so easy and  I didn't 
expect any troubles because it just works fine with Perl/Tk. But I did not 
consider the differences between Perl/Tk and gtk2-perl (perl/tk doesn't 
depend on anything outside the perl world, if I got it right). My fault.

Usually the archiving worked well on 
linux, but on windows the module inexplicably refused to initialize
correctly.  This was several months ago, and i have not kept up with
things since then.  Try the mailing list archives (use google, not the search).

I tried google, but pretty much everything I found were unanswered questions.
Seeing that, I'm much better off with four replies -- thank you:-)

Just to point it out again: par *does* build a .exe from my gtk2-perl-app that 
runs perfectly fine on another windows box without any perl installed -- 
which is par's intention. The thing I am not able to do is include the 
gtk+-libraries into this par/exe, so they need to be installed on the 
"target" machine. This is not really perfect, but with the nice windows 
installer that is available for gtk+, I prefer it against switching to 
perl/tk or writing my own installer...


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