Re: Using PAR with gtk2 on MS Windows

On Apr 26, 2005, at 6:09 PM, Stephan Brunner wrote:

with PAR (, it is possible to create self-contained .exe-files of
perl scripts that run on a Windows desktop without any Perl installed
I would very much like to create such a self-contained .exe-file of my own
gtk2-perl application, but
With the -l option, I was able to include additional libraries, but they are not found / linked / loaded correctly: I simply added a -l for *every* .dll found in the GTK\2.0\ installation directory, but still get an error when
trying to start the .exe on the other windows box without perl / Gtk
installed (pango complains about not being able to find dynamic libraries).

As i recall, PAR's general approach is to tar up everything needed at runtime by your program into a scratch "runtime" directory, and load perl modules and shared objects out of that.

A wrinkle here is that gtk+ considers itself a "system-level" library (e.g., users wouldn't install it, distro managers would), and expects to be "installed". At runtime, the library needs to locate data files (images, translations, and other resources) and modules (image loaders, input modules, text formatters, etc). Because of this, gtk+ is one of those notably non-relocatable packages. (Please feel free to prove me wrong.)

So, without taking a fair amount of control in the packaging and unpackaging process, i'd find it somewhat surprising if you succeeded in including gtk+ in a PARball.

Is there any way to include those libraries within the PAR-created executable, so that I can just take it, drop it into another Windows machine and run it? Has anybody on the list ever tried to do that (and, hopefully, suceeded)?

I know that people have attempted to use PAR on gtk2-perl programs before, with frustrating results. Usually the archiving worked well on linux, but on windows the module inexplicably refused to initialize correctly. This was several months ago, and i have not kept up with things since then. Try the mailing list archives (use google, not the search).

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