Re: Gtk2::GladeXML: signals not connecting

muppet wrote:

On Apr 13, 2005, at 11:32 PM, Daniel Kasak wrote:

However if I use Glade to connect the same signal ( which Glade calls
button_press_event ) to the above sub, nothing happens.

what version of Gtk2::GladeXML are you using?  1.000 connected all
signals "after", which resulted in such behavior; 1.001 fixed that bug.

Ah. Yes I was using 1.000. Upgrading to 1.004 fixes this. I've submitted
a 'version bump' bug in Gentoo's bugzilla - the latest version they have
available is 1.000, which is why I was using it - it's a lot cleaner
letting Gentoo manage these things - usually.

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