Re: Namespace request

Ari Jolma said:

Wasn't the XS not the decisive thing? For example I'm developing stuff
which contains XS code and links to C but plan to (real soon now)
release it in the namespace Gtk2::Ex::Geo::* (as was discussed here
before). Are you suggesting Gtk2::Phat since libphat is a collection of
_GTK widgets_ written in C? (I read this from, I'm not familiar with
libphat otherwise). Or am I just missing something?

if the C code is included in your perl module and bound with XS then it
belongs in the Ex namespace. Ex is for selfcontained add on type stuff. non-Ex
name spaces are for bindings of external modules.

that is the currently scheme/thinking. and i've yet to see where it falls
short of my intentions. apparently i haven't done a very good job of spelling
out the 'guidelines' so i'll look into that, the results of which will end up


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