Re: Namespace request

Florian Ragwitz said:
Hello list,

I recently wrote some perl [0]bindings for [1]libphat. They already work
quite well, but I'm still not sure which namespace to use. I currently
would prefer Gtk2::Phat to keep XS stuff in Gtk2:: and outside of
Gtk2::Ex::, which I think of as a place for Gtk related modules written
in perl.

What's your oppinion about that?

The Ex Name spaces are for non-bindings: add on widgets, conveience/helper
stuff, etc. As your stuff is binding an external library it shouldn't go in
the Ex namespace. The names of the widgets themselves would suggest Phat::*,
but it's not a good idea to make a new top-level pkg for such a small library,
so Gtk2::Phat is probably the way to go.


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