Re: Mandrake patched perl-GTK2 in a bad direction?

Crooked reasoning in the long run... In our work we came very bad cutback... 
Unfortunetly that's to point. I'm gonna never believe in Mandrake...

Andrea Bravetti 2005. Ãprilis 4. 19.50 dÃtummal ezt Ãrta:
I'm 100% agree with you:
they should use 'use lib "/some/where/else"' in their scripts for theirs
and our convenience....

Their failing, in my opinion, is that they install their patched
modules inside the Perl tree in @INC, thus causing Gtk2-Perl
upgrades using pristine sources to break their tools, and causing
user-installed scripts to use modules whose behaviour differs
significantly from what they were developed with. Installing
their patched Gtk2-Perl outside @INC would have avoided all of
these problems.


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