Re: Gtk2::MozEmbed + DOM

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:
This is where the magical ExtUtils::Depends comes in.  It lets modules
depend on other XS modules.

Thanks, it works!
  I removed the Gtk2 dependency from Makefile.PL, but not Glib yet.
I was also thinking of changing mozilla-gtkmozembed to
mozilla-xpcom (lacking anything better, at least that would not
require GtkMozEmbed). Not sure what write_version_macros does,
though; and anyway, for the time being only Gtk2::MozEmbed would
use this module, and it already requires mozilla-gtkmozembed.
  I meant to have separate .xs files, but I couldn't figure
out how to make it work so I left them in one file.
  I changed Gtk2::MozEmbed to check if Mozilla::DOM is installed.
If so, c++ is used. The build depends on whether c++ is used to tell
if the marshaller parts should be included in the build. I was thinking
an ENABLE_DOM option to Makefile.PL could also be added, but I didn't
do that. Patch attached. Mozilla::DOM was just uploaded to CPAN.

Attachment: gtk2mozembed.diff
Description: new patch against version 0.03

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