Re: Mandrake patched perl-GTK2 in a bad direction?

* Peter Simon <simon peter linuxuser hu> [2005-04-04 15:45]:
But I'm very dissaponted about the Mandrake's imbecility. I'm
gonna change my distrib and forget Mandrake forver. As I
remember the Mplayer team changed Debian to Slack for a similar
bullshit thing too.

Well, picking Slackware as your devel environment is a good move,
no doubt, since Patrick simply refuses to package things that
need a lot of patching â which ensures that the distribution has
few bugs even though it remains up-to-date. (A claim Debian canât
exactly make.)

Still, I don't think it was that stupid of Mandrake to patch the
modules. They had good reasons of their own to do that, and they
correctly decided to patch Gtk2-Perl for their needs.

Their failing, in my opinion, is that they install their patched
modules inside the Perl tree in @INC, thus causing Gtk2-Perl
upgrades using pristine sources to break their tools, and causing
user-installed scripts to use modules whose behaviour differs
significantly from what they were developed with. Installing
their patched Gtk2-Perl outside @INC would have avoided all of
these problems.

âIf you can't laugh at yourself, you don't take life seriously enough.â

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