Re: Stealing a good idea from Gtk#

On Mon, 2004-09-27 at 03:45, muppet wrote:

  $button -> Clicked += \&clicked;

i presume you would disconnect a signal with the -= operator?

If somebody implemented it, yes.  I think it should be as easy as
calling signal_handlers_disconnect_by_func.

what irks me the most about it is that, yes it's true that you're 
adding a handler to the signal, but you're not doing a += operation.  a 
+= b makes sense where both a and b are "Foo"s.  seen in that light, 
something like

   <signal> += <handler>

makes less sense.  say you wanted to get the id from that connection.  
you'd now have

   <id> = <signal> += <handler>

which makes even *less* sense.  shouldn't the resulting value of 
Foo+=something still be a Foo?

You need to break the mold.  Abandon what you already know.  Go with the

how would you handle variants like connect-after and user data?  the 
obvious thing to come to mind is (using Aristotle's naming because 
StudlyCaps suck)

User data isn't really necessary, as Aristotle pointed out.  For
signal_connect_after, well, what about using »/=«?

The / kinda looks like a ramp which can be interpreted as a shoot.  And
as we all know, the big kids (aka. the default handlers) always skid


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