Re: Almost out there... Gtk2::Ex::Utils && Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs

Kevin C. Krinke wrote:

For those interested, I've put up a site for the two projects along with
the latest incarnation of the packages. FYI: the mailing list and bug
tracking sites are not available yet but the URLs in the POD are the
correct ones.

Any and all feedback, complaints, constructive commentary, etc is

Providing nothing crazy happens this weekend I'll be uploading these to
CPAN and doing any final touch-ups on Monday morning.

You can find all of this at:

Thank you.

I've just installed both and tried it out.

I've copied the example into an app:

use Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs ( destroy_with_parent => TRUE,
                        modal => TRUE,
                        no_separator => FALSE );

# do some stuff like creating your app's main $window then,
# to ensure that all messages use the right parent, set it:
Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs->set_parent_window( $window );

# now popup a new dialog
my $r = ask Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs::Question ( "Is Perl only hacker's glue?" );
if ( $r ) {
  # end-user thinks so
} else {
  # end-user does not think so

and I get the error:

*** Can't locate object method "new_run" via package "Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs::Question" at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.5/Gtk2/Ex/Dialogs/ line 245.

Maybe that should be 'new_and_run'? on line 245? Seems to work OK after that change.

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