Re: problem compiling Gtk2-1.060 from CPAN in xs/GdkKeys.xs + fix

Sergey Bratus said:

  Sorry if this problem has already been resolved. It was
a bit of a surprise for me, and I apologize if this is well-known.

I encountered the error message below while buidling Gtk2-1.060
downloaded from CPAN today. The same error occurred on two different
systems with an older version of gcc (gcc 2.96 20000731) and
perl 5.8.0 .

It was apparently caused by the trailing ; in xs/GdkKeys.xs line 27:

#define SvGdkKeymap_orclass(sv) ((sv && SvOK (sv) && SvROK (sv)) ?
SvGdkKeymap (sv) : NULL);

this problem was just recntly found (just after the 1.060 release) and has
been fixed in HEAD. it will be in the next 1.06x release.

thanks for letting us know though it never hurts to make sure that we do.

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