Re: selecting an iter in a single liststore


muppet wrote:
this is a known bug:

fixed already in gtk+ 2.4.10. the fix was committed last tuesday on both HEAD and the stable branch: rev=1.414&view=log

as a workaround, make your list not be the first widget in the focus chain of your dialog (or just upgrade gtk+).

Thank you I will try that... I don't know how for the moment but I will study the docs ;-)

if the only reason you created $win was for the dialog to have a parent, you didn't need to; you can pass undef for $parent and the dialog will use the desktop as its parent window. (you don't want to do that for a modal dialog in a normal app, of course.)

        You are right I did not know this...

        Thank you very much for your answer and thanks Ross for the other answer.

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