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* David lacravate <lacravate mongueurs net>:


I'd like to help with the tutorial even though i want to say that my
skills are limited , there are things in GTK that i still don't understand
. But i saw parts of the unfinished english tutorial that i think i can
explain and others that i can amend .

The translation of the GTK Tutorial from C to Perl is currently being
written by me and James Curbo. For lack of time on my part, it has
lagged behind schedule, recently.

The Gtk2-Perl Tutorial is not only a 1:1 translation of the original
tutorial: it will have some Perl specific sections, like the one on
subclissing widgets. So, if you want to help, you are most welcome.

The tutorial is available on CVS, under the gtk2-perl-tutorial module;
it has been written using DocBook 4.3, using XSLT in order to render in
HTML (and, later, in other formats, such as PDF and PS). It also has
some style constraints (on both text and markup), in order to keep it
consistent between various authors.

A "beta" version is available on my site:

(single page; the default HTML output is on multiple pages, though).


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