Suggestions for a report generator

Now that I have enough data entry forms, I have to deal with *one* printable report.
It's for management. It has to look decent.

My first idea was to use PHP or Perl to render the pages via a web server, and put some page breaks in with CSS. It's dodgy but it works and it's simple. The only issue I have with this is that it's "external" to the app, ie the user has to open Mozilla ( or I suppose I could trigger Mozilla and open to a CGI page or something ).

Is there a better solution? I've heard of GtkHtml, but I'm not sure exactly what this gives me, and how it would print. However I assume I can embed it in my app, which would be a bonus if it wasn't too much mucking around.

I'm also aware of some report generator packages around, but I'm really just trying to keep things simple - for the moment - so I can get what's been done on a desktop and tested, and maybe move onto a full-featured solution later.

Any ideas?

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