Re: massrotate fontconfig, Gtk2

On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 12:13, Alexy Khrabrov wrote:
I wonder where Gtk2 and Pango fail to load the fonts, even though
stand-alone gtk+ tests do show text captions.

this doesn't look like it's a gtk2-perl problem. line 99 of the script
is $window->show_all; which would probably be the point at which pango
would cause the fonts to be located so they can be drawn on the screen.
the script has no font manipulation code in it. 

i can't explain why normal gtk apps would be happy and gtk2-perl apps
wouldn't. gtk2-perl is a rather thin wrapper around gtk+ and there's
nothing magic in it about fonts, not even anything that should cause
them to behave differently. my guess is that upgrading all of the C
glib/gtk+/etc. stuff has gotten something into a bad state. i'm not a
fontconfig expert so i probably won't be of any help. your question is
probably better directed to the gtk+ (or pango if it has it's own) list.


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