Re: [RFC] Gtk2::SizeRecall - Persistently store and restore widgetsizes

* A. Pagaltzis <pagaltzis gmx de>:


I guess the question is:

    Does it bother us if people will just ignore this
    subnamespace and put things in Gtk2:: ?

Though saying "who cares" of course leads to the question of why
bothering in the first place..

Even if we could answer "Yes, it indeed does bother us", the following
question would be: "How in the world could we enforce any policy about
any namespace we decide to use?" Thought police or orbital mind control
lasers aside, I mean. :-)

I mean: if someone wrote a module for a Perl widget, and that someone
decided to put it on CPAN under the Gtk2 namespace, what could we
possibly do? Should we slap him hard on the nose with a rolled
newspaper, and tell him "Bad Perl monkey, bad Perl monkey"? Each
namespace we choose for the role of "Collection of widgets written in
Perl that we put here in order to avoid collisions with possible future
Gtk expansions" has in it the seed of the problem.

I think that a Gtk2(::PerlExtra|Perl|::Perl|${YOU_NAME_IT}) should be a
"official" Gtk2-Perl contrib module, with a policy (Perl-only code,
namespace), some prerequisites (maintainership, support, coherency with
Gtk2-Perl for instance) and some goodies (link on Gtk2-Perl website,
discussion space on this mailing list, and the Original,
I-cant-believe-it-aint-gold(tm), Gtk2-Perl Team Seal of Approval). We
simply give developers who care an option to make things the clean way;
if there are some developers who do not give a flying fsck about that
policy, well: entropy will increase...  As it always does. :-)

All of this is MHO, obviously.


Emmanuele Bassi (Zefram)                 [ ]
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