Re: [OT] mailing list connections...

On Wed, 2004-03-24 at 12:45, muppet wrote:
Ross McFarland said:
Torsten Schoenfeld said:
Yeah, that pretty much ruins the graphical results for my address, but
in general I think it's a good idea to use the Reply To List feature of
your mailer.  I, at least, don't really see the point in receiving the
same message twice.

i pretty much aggree with you, but at some point in the past i got tired of
changing it all of the time, and half of the time forgetting to. i just gave
up and started hitting reply-to-all. (notice i took the time on this one)

squirrelmail, which i use when i'm, er, away from the house, has "reply to
list", "post to list", "list archives", and some other helpful links when the
message has the list headers in it.

unfortunately, neither apple mail nor evo appear to do that, and those are
what i use at home.

Evo (meaning, I assume, Ximian Evolution) has this ability, at least in
the version I'm on right now (1.2.2--gotta upgrade...), but it's not
bound to a shortcut key by default.

If you go into the Actions menu (or the right-click menu on the message
in the list), you'll see it there.


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