Re: Gtk2::Ex namespace

Ross McFarland wrote:

- ... but we still want to have an official set of modules that can be
packaged together. the solution to this is the concept of a meta-module. will be a module listing its official sub-modules, currently
Gtk2::Ex::Simple. In this case Gtk2::Ex::Simple is a second level
meta-module who indexes:
      - Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List
      - Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Menu
      - Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree

Probably a complete listing of *::Ex::* modules could be published as a
CPAN bundle module, so it's easy to install all extensions although they
are not (yet) part of the official distribtion.

In general I like this proposal, also I prefer the namespace Gtk2::Ex 
over Gtk2x.

Just my 2c.


Joern Reder

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