Gtk2::Ex namespace

out of all the previous discussion on the topic the name space that
seemed to make the most sense was Gtk2::Ex. also stemming from that
discussion and quite a bit of thought on the subject i've come up with
the following scheme for the purpose and management of that name space.
(note: this is a proposal, but unless someone comes up with a major
issue(s) it will be used)

- anything that's not a binding shouldn't be under the primary name
spaces (Glib, Gtk2, Gnome2, etc.) this will help to reduce confusion and
possible name space clashes. enter Gtk2::Ex (Glib::Ex, Gnome2::Ex if and
as needed)

- we want to have an open name space where anyone can publish code. The
solution to this is two fold. first, before publishing to the name space
an author should send a proposal to this mailing list. no reasonable
proposal will be turned down, we (the collective list) reserve the right
to suggest name space changes, beyond that you should/will never be
turned down. 

- ... but we still want to have an official set of modules that can be
packaged together. the solution to this is the concept of a meta-module. will be a module listing its official sub-modules, currently
Gtk2::Ex::Simple. In this case Gtk2::Ex::Simple is a second level
meta-module who indexes:
        - Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List
        - Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Menu
        - Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree
in order for a module to be come official it must prove itself in
usefulness, stability, quality over some reasonable period of time. if
you have a module you wish to bring into the official group you should
send a message to the list and begin a discussion on the subject. again
we'll be reasonable about it, but make no guarantees.

all of this information will be spelled out in

to take a look at this in practice, and the next generation of simple
list and tree, take a look here:
this is a semi formal release.


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