Re: Gnome2-VFS

Ross McFarland said:
muppet said:
unless you followed ross's suggestion of adding -Ibuild after saving the, Gnome2 probably gets two copies of -Ibuild (one from Gnome2::VFS
and one from Gtk2 via Gnome2::Canvas), which ExtUtils::Depends collapses
into one for you.

which is pretty much the reason i don't like the -Ibuild be added by EU::D.
should we go through each of the modules and added -Ibuild after the
save_config calls and therefore no longer rely on it magically being added.

that will, of course, require new releases of all modules that use CodeGen
(including those which are not ours), because if they no longer inherit
-Ibuild, many of them will break.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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