Ongoing GtkComboEntry saga :)

Sorry for monopolising the list. I promise I will repay in help to others, examples and docs when I get time :)

2 more questions on the new GtkComboEntry widget from Gtk-2.4

Can I clear the selection? I'm pulling data from a table, and if there is *no* data for this field, I'd like to clear the combo box. I can set the selection ( $widget->set_active_iter($iter); ), but not clear it.

Is there a way to do entry completion with a GtkComboEntry? I had it working with the old GtkCombo widget, which was a combination of a GtkEntry, GtkCombo and GtkList. I'd set up an EntryCompletion helper thing and attach it to the GtkEntry part. But the new GtkComboEntry doesn't have the other 2 helper widgets, and doesn't want to have an EntryCompletion helper attached to it either.

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