Re: Ongoing GtkComboEntry saga :)

* Daniel Kasak <dkasak nusconsulting com au> [2004-06-08 08:53]:
I'd set up an EntryCompletion helper thing and attach it to the
GtkEntry part. But the new GtkComboEntry doesn't have the other
2 helper widgets, and doesn't want to have an EntryCompletion
helper attached to it either.

Do you mean GtkComboBoxEntry? The description of new() in the C
docs says

    Creates a new GtkComboBoxEntry which has a GtkEntry as child
    and a list of strings as popup. You can get the GtkEntry from
    a GtkComboBoxEntry using GTK_ENTRY (GTK_BIN
    (combo_box_entry)->child). To add and remove strings from the
    list, just modify model using its data manipulation API.

Are you sure you can't get at the GtkEntry with ->get_child()?

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