Re: Is Gtk2::Label clickable?

muppet said:

A. Pagaltzis said:
* Emmanuele Bassi <bassi-e libero it> [2004-07-15 17:33]:
Since a Gtk2::Label inherits from the Gtk2::Widget class, just
connect a callback to the button-press-event, and check the
Gtk2::Gdk::Event that is passed to that callback.

Don't you have to pack it into an EventBox?

yes, a Gtk2::Label is one of the "no-window" widgets, so it can't receive
events without help.

to the original poster:  i second emmanuele's usability concern; why something
that looks like a label but acts like a toggle button?  how will the user know
it can be clicked?  are you trying to make flat toolbar buttons?

we need to start keeping count of the times when we reply at the same time
with the same information. we could start taking bets on the number of times i
happens a month.


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