Re: Unable to locate module error.

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 15:01, Daniel Flemming wrote:
(As an aside: Are there any plans to get gtk2-perl onto CPAN? I suspect Suse
is probably just bundling CPAN modules with its distro. And plus, CPAN
modules are way easier to install; probably we'd see much less usage of
gtk-perl if it wasn't the only module on CPAN; think of the lazy coders. :)

as muppet said we've been on cpan for a long time, but apparently never
formally registered the name-space, which would put us in the modules
list. i just submitted the necessary information through pause to
register and get us listed there. as soon as that comes through we
should be up there.

i submitted Gtk2, i'm working on Glib and Gnome2 at the moment. (and
really wishing we'd done it as Glib2, but oh well.)


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