Re: Unable to locate module error.

On Wednesday 14 July 2004 18:33, Ross McFarland wrote:
Neil Jones said:
I am running Suse 9.0 linux. I am just getting into using Perl GTK

welcome, i think you'll like what you find.

Unable to locate loadable module in module_path: "", at
/usr/lib/ perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.1/i586-linux-thread-multi/ line 68.

Can anyone explain what tthe problem is and how to fix it.

did you build the perl modules Glib/Gtk2 from src or grab precompiled


It is rather complex. When I started I think I had  errore when I started but 
different ones. I then tried to install the GTK2 stuff but failed to do so 
because of dependency problems. 

I then abandoned that idea in favour of a brighter one I used YAST Suse's 
built in system managment system. This told me that I didn't have GTK on my 
system but that it was available do I ticked the box and it prompted me for 
the appropriate installation CD. I followed the instructions and it went 
through the installation.

I know this version is out of date but it is the one that comes with my 
distribution.  I have found in the past that it is often easier to stay with 
what you have than to spend an eternity trying to change things.

Neil Jones- Neil nwjones demon co uk 

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