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On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Neil Jones wrote:

I know this version is out of date but it is the one that comes with my
distribution.  I have found in the past that it is often easier to stay with
what you have than to spend an eternity trying to change things.

The old gtk-perl is not just out of date, its usage is deprecated. gtk+2 has
been out for a while, and the bindings are different.

I suspect that the problem you're having is that you're running gtk-perl
(i.e., version 1) with the Gtk+2 libraries, and gtk-perl can't find its

Compiling the module from source isn't too hard, though. If you have the
Camel book, there's a hand-holding walk-through for how to do it in there.
gtk2-perl is available at

(As an aside: Are there any plans to get gtk2-perl onto CPAN? I suspect Suse
is probably just bundling CPAN modules with its distro. And plus, CPAN
modules are way easier to install; probably we'd see much less usage of
gtk-perl if it wasn't the only module on CPAN; think of the lazy coders. :)
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